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Rent&Own- A Better Way to Buy a Used Car

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Rent&Own- A Better Way to Buy a Used Car

  • Bank said NO FINANCE
  • You have a BAD CREDIT

Whatever reason is, NOW YOU CAN OWN A CAR!

We look at your future & not your past.

Do you need a car?

AT Rent a Ride TY LTD. We understand that Buying a car outright can be costly and sometimes you don’t have the time to save as you need a vehicle ASAP. Here at Rent a Ride PTY. LTD., we offer an affordable solution to rent to own cars. With a rent to buy a car, you don’t have to worry about an expensive upfront cost as you lease the vehicle from us at a cheap rate. This is a great option for those with bad or no credit, or singles and families with a limited income.

You can rent a car form Rent a Ride PTY LTD and own it after the terms regardless your credit standing.


Why choose Rent&Own by Ride PTY LTD ?


Bad Credit Accepted Get approval even with defaults or low income Low Rates Deposit as low as $300 with affordable repayment options Fast Process Expect a decision within hours.




Rent&Own   service by Rent a Ride PTY LTD specialise in supplying price range vehicles. Call us today for Look at our fantastic range and to view more details of a particular vehicle that could be yours, just click on the title of the vehicle.

How am I eligible for Rent-To-Buy ?

You need to provide those information:

  • Proof of income.
  • Current Victoria driver licence.
  • Land lord, Real Estate Agent, Residential details.

How does it work?

For customers looking for affordable, high quality cars, rent to buy is a great option. To get started, simply choose from our range of vehicles, select either the Express Lease or Lease+ payment plan and get in touch with our team to sort out the rest. With rent to buy car leasing, you make regular payments over the lease period and then make an offer to buy the vehicle at the end of this time.

Looking for A Short-Term Solution?

If you prefer not to rent to own a car, we also offer low cost car rental without the fuss. Our rentals allow you to choose a vehicle from our collection and rent it for as long as you like. Our minimal rental period is for one month and you can secure a vehicle without the need to provide income details or bank statements. This makes Rent a Ride PTY. LTD., a great solution for any driver looking for a fast, fuss free rental service with low week to week payments.

 Payment Plan Conditions

* Weekly rentals provided for indicative purposes and are to approved purchasers only. Lower or higher weekly repayments and term periods can be applied for upon application to suit your individual circumstance and affordability however any variation is subject to approval. The payments advertised don’t consider your personal situation, your income, or your ability to afford the repayments. Upon final rental payment within the contract being paid, the customer will own the vehicle. The above repayments are based on easy terms for the term of the rental, and the final buy price does not change based on repayments or terms offered. Late payments will be subject to fee and charges. Further Terms and conditions are available in store or on request. For other rental options based on your personal situation please speak to one of our staff.

For More Information, Call Us Today on (02) 8580 0153 or (02) 8580 0151 for a cheap rent to own option. 




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