Uber/Rideshare FAQ


What type of Car would I receive ?

For uber/rideshare vehicle, we provide Toyota Yaris or Honda City. The cars are brand new or near brand new.


Can I return the car and cancel the contract ?

YES, you can.


How Much can I Earn ?

The average full time driver can earn well in excess of $1700.00 up each week. We have been Uber drivers since mid 2014. We know how it works and we know every week some drivers earn over $2000.00. It’s up to YOU.



We offer all the help you need. We have lived the ups and downs and we have an intricate knowledge of the system. We are available 24/7 to answer any problems you may have whilst on the road.


How Much will it Cost me ?


Nothing up front.

Will I be charged a kilometre rate as other companies do? 



Will I need to work every day ?

It depends on how much you want to earn.


Accidents, What do I Do?

All cars are comprehensively insured. Report the accident to Rent a ride. If you have an at fault accident then you will be responsible for the excess.


What happens if the car breaks down, im in an accident or needs servicing ?

All cars are covered for the period of the contract with our 24/7 roadside assistance. Let us know and we will fix the problem. If your car needs extensive repair we will replace it to keep you earning.


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